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Our Story

Thomas Imaging 7, is a New York based Production company which started in the early 90's in South Florida, then re-locating its base and studio operations to Long Island, NY in the mid 90's. 

What we do

We partner with ad agencies, direct clients, businesses, corporate clients, talent agencies, individuals, and broadcast partners that need a story to be told. From voice over services and audio production, on hold, retail and amusement messaging,  Web-mercials, Info-mercials, social media videos, travel & tourism production, automotive commercials, original music, casting, writing, and editing services. We can be involved on many levels of your production, or one spoke in the wheel.

Thank you

for stopping by, see the things we do. Review our affiliated brand partners who trust us, in the creative process. Whatever your project and where ever your production is going, we can be an outsourcing partner. And help get from Concept thru Production to a finished Broadcast product ready for Air. 

We are not some distant freelance online service. To us, it is against the creative grain not to get connected with our client partners so we can reach a concept of building maximum awareness.

Capturing the interest of consumers.

Let's begin a conversation. 


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