clear the lot automotive - entertainment production


Your broadcast is a significant part of the mix, and will get your inventory  selling 


We have been producing Automobile radio spots for over 20 years


Write, voice, produce, mix, transmit

Automotive-Entertainment radio production

Producing high quality and sonic booming content to capture the costumer's attention is the first level of the funnel in ultimately clearing inventory or selling tickets. We write, produce, mix, and transmit your spots where they need to go. All styles in this category, hard sell, softer sell, comedy, character driven spots

Some of our work below 

Sizzle REEL

We write, cast, voice, produce, mix....transmit

to your broadcast partners 

auto demo sizzle reel

entertainment production

A live event, concert, show, personality /promotional live event

 let us write, voice, produce and transmit to your broadcast hub

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