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Original Music

Success doesn't come easy for original musical artists, or creators of original music. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, they all struggled for years before HITS played on the radio.

Our Success

We had our share of struggle before we realized commercial success with our original music.  

Our music was signed to a major rock record label deal, our singles were charted, we realized inclusion in video games, and major sound tracks selling over 400,000 units. Our tracks were played on commercial radio.

For more info, link to management page, www.BreakThruArtistMgmt.com scroll down to Seven Wiser

Listen below

Below are samples of our orginal music that we administer. You can affiliate with our tracks, we can create, or score something specific for your project. Email us to begin a conversation.


"Take me as I am"

administered by kik it inc.


Check out this great video


This track appeared on the video game "Nascar 2005 Chase for the Cup"

Silent invasion

video game track- ominous


Video game- Commercial Track

"battle street"

Video game 

"west texas football"

"long Road"

all music copywrite kik it records inc. 


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"financial rumble"

all tracks copyright kik it recors inc.


For Broadcast

we write, for radio spots


social media spots, web sites


TV commercials, Youtube spot