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Video, for Internet or TV spots, to embed on your website, a live event video, web based visual commercial, or Industrial messaging, we can produce what you need, or follow through on part of your Video production process. Looking for that special signature voice you need for an important campaign? Or need a piece of original music?  We can cast that talent for you, edit from footage you shot, or we can come 360 for you and handle the whole production. 

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We produced, wrote, directed, casted, shot, and edited a series of spots for an investor group launching a seat cushion product called "My Cumfy Cushion" 

Cumfy Cushion Video with Voice Over 

Video Logo animated graphic treatment

Black n White logo animated graphics

Animated graphic treatment

Logo animated graphic treatment

Industrial Video

Training Video

Website Video

We were asked to cast and find the signature voice by the Ad Agency that handles Molloy College in New York. As well we participated in the Voice Over sessions to help direct the talent. Together as a team we created an effective on air radio, TV and Internet campaign that has been running successfully since 2016. We produce the radio portion of the campaign as well. 

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Internet spot


Image Internet spot/ no VO/ No price point

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