THOMAS VO acting classes- Talent seminars

Voice Over Training - Talent Seminars

Have you ever wanted to learn about the Voice Over industry? Learn the skill of Voice Over? 

Or understand how to navigate a talent career, for either Youth, or Adult. 

Maybe you just want information on how to navigate a talent career. Questions about UNION as opposed to NON UNION status. What does SAG stand for? Or AFTRA? Should I pay agents? or Agencies for pictures?  How do I begin? How do I avoid getting ripped off from unscrupulous agents? 

Attend one of our seminars, it will answer all your questions regarding a talent career. You will learn the various paths to navigate a talent career. Learn about how the internet has changed the game. This seminar answers questions you have about the process. 

And could save you thousands of dollars in possible mistakes, and have you avoid aggravation from wasting time, and possibly being taken advantage of.

Sandy Thomas been a represented talent for 25 years. A member of Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA, American Federation of TV and Radio announcers for 29 years, in good standing, and 29 vested years of Talent earnings.  Affiliated with the Top agents in NY, Chicago, and LA since his 20's. 

This isn't a forum to sell you pipe dreams, but extend a reality check on what a talent career path looks like. 

A teaching perspective simply from being and working at a National level for 3 consistent decades.

Book your spot soon. Classes fill quickly.

Learn from a Pro

Reading real copy - Adult

 Sandy Thomas, a 25 year signed Voice Actor with NY agencies like CESD, ICM, WILLIAM MORRIS, DON BUCHWALD.  In LA, affiliated with DPN, and Naked Voices in Chicago.

We work with Adults, Teens, and Youth

VO classe will have you read copy on Mic, that the Pros read, and learn the talent of Voice Over- inflection, how to grab a piece of copy and own it, be able to step to the Mic and deliver like a Pro, and teach you how to deliver on broadcast studio microphones

thomas vo acting classes

For youth actors

For young actors without agency representation, or older actors who want to get noticed, learn to bring your VO acting talents forward. There are a lot of pretty faces, but not a lot of special talented people.

Agents at agencies want to hear real talent. Voice Acting is a real talent that agents take seriously when considering signing talent. Sign up for one of our youth-teen, or adult voice acting classes. 

Stormy Barbara-Youth

Stormy was a youth talent who studied in our studio system, listen to her demo below, that we wrote and produced for her. She had no experience when she arrived. That demo ended up getting Stormy signed to CESD, one of the worlds Top Youth talent agencies. She joined SAG and became an A-List Youth Voice Actor for 3 straight years, booking work for Campells, ESPN, Build a Bear, Justin Beiber, more


Teens looking to build there acting abilities should understand voice-over, and build that skillset. Agents look for actors with Voice Over abilities

audio below from talent we trained

We  signed 12 yr old Stormy Barbara to our Mgmt. company, 

impressed with Stormy's raw acting talent

Below, some of Stormy's work, including the animation demo we produced, that got her signed to CESD, NY- she become one the agencies signed A-List Youth Voice Actors

Promo vo demo


showcase your talent

Commercial demo

youth commercial voice over demo

youth promo vo demo

Below is a sample of signed NYC union talent agency Youth Promo VO demo

National radio spot ESPN

Just one of many national Union commercials Stormy booked


Another youth VO talent we trained. After several VO classes Diana was asked by a Louieville radio station to Voice an on air promo